CE Requirements:

  • You are responsible for monitoring your CE requirements, attendance, and due dates. Please contact your State Insurance Commissioner's office or employer if you have specific questions about your CE or training requirements.


  • If you are running late: Please contact our office prior to joining the class. We are not able to issue partial credit, so we will likely need to reschedule you to a future class. We recommend logging in to the class or arriving at least 10 minutes early to avoid joining late and to allow time for technical issues. 
  • Webinar attention requirements: Webinars begin and end with a sign-in and sign-out process. Polls and interactive questions will be presented periodically during the class. The class software records data such as login time and other interactions, such as messages to the instructor via the class chat. Polls are also used to sign in and out for breaks. Missing polls or failing to sign in may result in our inability to provide credit for the class.
  • Breaks: Most classes have a 10 minute break after each 50 minutes of instruction.
  • If you have to leave early or are unable to complete the class: State regulations do not allow us to issue partial credit for your class. Please contact our office to reschedule your class. In most cases, you can attend a future class for the same number of credits at no charge. 


  • Payment is due prior to the beginning of the class unless alternative arrangements have been made.
  • Refunds are given if you do not attend the class or if the class is cancelled.

Course Reporting, Transcripts, and Certificates:

  • Webinar courses are generally reported to your State immediately following each class (same day).
  • Live courses are reported no later than the Friday following the date of your course. If that conflicts with your filing deadline, the course will be reported prior to the deadline.
  • Your transcript can be found online here: License Manager (naic.org) Once logged in, click Print Education Transcript.

Webinar Technical Requirements:

  • Our webinars are conducted via Zoom. Please refer to their requirements at Zoom's website
  • Please use this link to test your system before joining a class: Join a Test Meeting | Zoom
  • Webinars do not require a camera or microphone.

Self Study Classes:

  • These classes are provided by WebCE. Please contact them directly with any questions.

Please contact us if you have any questions!